Know The Better Fashion Sense

Fashion has no boundaries today, it’s not limited to clothes anymore, it has spread its arms and now we see fashion in our hair, accessories, behavior and way of living. Fashion never stays the same; it keeps on changing from time to time and city to city. Change keeps happening with the surroundings. Fashion means different to every human being. If one person likes a fashion, then some other person may not like it. But we have often seen people following the same trend later. Fashion also makes those people crazy about it, who first objects to it.

Fashion by age group:

In today’s time fashion is not limited to any age. Fashion can be worn by any age group. The attachment to fashion has been considered more with women first. It is also said for women that women change their fashion very quickly. Well, in today’s era, there is competition between women and men regarding fashion. Where earlier only women used to apply the words of fashion, now all these now also include the name of men. Men have also started living in fashion like women. By the way, this competition has now started happening for the poor and the rich too. Fashion is even more popular among young people. The reason for this can also be that today’s young people like to live a life of show off. Where young people live life considering fashion as their everything. If we talks about the children, then they do not pay much attention to all these or else it should be said that fashion is outside from their mind.


Know your fashion

Some fashion is preferred with every age. But some fashion is not liked by people of any age. That’s why we should not follow any fashion blindly because a wrong fashion can destroy a person’s own existence. For this reason, there are some institutions in our country, which make us aware of every fashion. Most of us get to see fashion in cities. Fashion deals are never cheap. Therefore, whoever wants to be in fashion, he has to spend a lot of money with him? People living in villages do not have much money as they lead a very simple life. They can’t afford fashion. For this reason people living in cities are moving ahead with fashion, while the people of villages are far behind in terms of fashion. In the name of fashion, people living in cities also keep changing TVs and fridges every day. The definition of fashion is huge.